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Welcome to Chicago Paragliding


schedule your tandem flight or training TODAY!    call  708-935-0177 or






    Things you need to know before you fly in paragliding tandem:


 * Is there a weight limit?

         Yes, we limit our passangers weight to 230 lb.

 *How old do i have to be to fly?

         We generally take kids from age 8 to age 78, good physical condition is a must- some running required!

 *OK,I want to fly!  What do i need to bring?

         First of all you need to dress accordingly to the weather condition.

         Generally you don't need anything special, you just have to have 

          solid footwear ( no flip-flops, loose sandals)

  *Do i have to sign any paperwork?

          Yes, you have to fill up USHPA waiver , and for minors, parents have to be

          present and sign waiver for them.

 *I want to make it memorable, can i have a video?

          Yes , we do record video with gopro camera on telescopic stick.

          Video includes 4G SD memory card and cost is $50 .

          We do not edit video, you can do with the file whatever you wish

          ( we would love to see your creation though )

 * How high will we fly and how long?

          Generally- heavier the passanger equals shorter flight

          10-15 min are typical. We fly up to 2000ft over ground 

 *Can I buy gift certificate?

          Yes - click  HERE

  *When can i fly?

         We are monitoring weather very closely. Prior arrangement is a must. Best way is to follow us on FACEBOOK

         We fly most of weekends from april till usually end of november - weather permitting 

         We do not fly in dangerous conditions ( coming thunderstorms, high winds- over 15mph)

         We like our customers and we like ourselves. Safety first!    Safe landings! 

  *Where do we fly?

         Click  HERE  for locations